Finally Found

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I lost myself for a while.
Actually, I was lost for a long, long, fucking time.
But I'm finally found.
And I'm lucky, and so grateful, to have found me.
The darkness and the limbo were going to kill me.
It really was.
And it was almost successful.

Sometimes I have to stop.
And really feel my body, my mind, and ask myself:
Am I really here?
Did I really survive?
Do I really continue to survive?
Am I actually beginning to thrive?

It's so surreal.

I didn't know the soul could feel such pain.

And now I'm feeling such inner peace. and joy.
And love. and kidness.

I didn't know the soul could feel such peace. such joy.

I didn't think I could heal. I didn't think I was capable of healing.

But here I am. Loving, forgiving, self-caring, thriving, healing despite it all.

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