#UnapologeticallySpeakingMyTruth ~ 'There are days where it’s easy, and there are days where it’s really freaking hard' by Alexandra @tealtoesxo

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There are days where it’s easy, and there are days where it’s really freaking hard; the easy days I have to take and live them to the fullest, which really just ends up wearing me down and I end up getting sick with a virus or the next endo flare starts sooner then expected, cause I bit off more then I could chew.

My endo was always at the forefront of my life to be honest, when I was growing up I would miss school, sleepovers, mall dates with friends, school dances ect ect. The fact my Adeno was so out of control I would walk from my bed to the bathroom while wearing a tampon & pad and still have blood running down my leg.

Fast forward a handful of years and 2 magical babies later; I FINALLY got a hysterectomy! I was 29 years old, we kept my left ovary though to prevent HRT; However I am still peri menopausal. It was never the pain that phased me. It wasn’t the main concern or issue I had. It was the amount I would bleed, friends telling me about their 3-5 day cycle and I was over here like “WHAT?!” 16-24 days was my “normal” so thankfully for my hysterectomy I haven’t had a bleeding cycle in almost 2 years; and the first time in my life I am not anemic. To be completely honest, my endo effected me but it never EFFECTED me. If that makes sense, I guess because I was so used to it, it was just normal.

That was up until about a year ago; a year ago I started having some really odd symptoms happen. Like everything else I started to track it and the symptoms were 28 days apart....so it was something hormonal. What I wasn’t prepared for was the approval of my suspicion of endo coming back, yet this time it’s on my lungs and diaphragm. As we all know, endo effects 1 in 10 women. TE endo effects 0.6-1.2% of the 10%. When I figured it out and had my specalist agree with my suspicion, refer me to a nook dr who wasn’t even taking patients, and I got an apt within 3.5 months; that’s when I started to take this disease seriously. It’s now come back to effecting my everyday life.

It was a great 2 years of no periods and little pain...but here we go again on this next journey 💛

Written by Alexandra Mackenzie
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