#UnapologeticallySpeakingMyTruth ~ 'Sometimes life gets hard' by Heather @time_paused_art

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Date: 14th October 2018 

Date: Also 14th October 2018

These two photos were both taken today.

I wasn't sure about posting both - was thinking I was just going to post the happy smiling face, and not the post - tears photo...because that is nicer right? That is what people want to see, want to know...the cheerful, upbeat, fun loving, put together parts of who we are...or at least that is the impression I have been given throughout my life. And really you just have to have a quick scroll through social media sites and you will figure that one out pretty quick!

And that's totally ok...I get it...and it is great to share the good times, the happy times- I love to do that myself..but I think it is important to be cognizant of the fact that people are not always smiling, happy, laughing, & care free. Sometimes life gets hard, sometimes we struggle, sometimes we are scared, overwhelmed, sad, lonely, confused...you name it! It is real life!

We need to be real, be aware, and love on others! Don't assume or judge. None of us really knows what another soul may be going through as they smile their way through another day. I have shared this message before, and I will share it again, no doubt! Be kind always 💙 . . .  

Written by Heather 
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