Endometriosis: Additional Information

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Please note, I am not a healthcare professional. I'm just someone who lives with endometriosis, and the information I'm sharing here comes from my experience, from knowledge that has been shared with me by healthcare professionals, and also from studies, articles, films, and podcasts that I've come across. This shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you're unsure about anything or want to know more.

Did You Know?

Endometriosis in men:
There have been reports of endometriosis in men, this was reported in men who were given high dosage of oestrogen to treat prostrate cancer.

Endometriosis and cancer:
Scientists in Vancouver have found cancer-causing gene mutations in pelvic lesions of women with endometriosis. Although a very low percentage of cases of endometriosis are linked to a type of ovarian cancer, the condition is considered as non-cancerous.

But this study - Cancer-associated mutations in endometriosis without cancer - showed that most of the tissue samples had mutations linked to cancer. This study suggests that endometriosis "may share the same features and molecular makeup as cancerous growths that lead to tumours in other areas of the body – without it being cancerous."

Dr Paul Yong adds that "It is possible that mutations usually associated with cancer may not always be so menacing as to cause cancer. But scientists needs to learn more, through a bigger, longer study, about what puts the brakes on the mutations, especially if there are certain “micro-environments” that hinder the transformation of growths from being merely abnormal to becoming malignant."

Dr Aglesio concludes that "These mutations are a first step in understanding the breadth of symptoms and outcomes that affect every woman with endometriosis differently. Finally, we have a roadmap towards finding better treatments."

So, it may all sound scary but it is also a step forward in understanding endometriosis. Yay(!)

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