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First of all, let me introduce you to Faby & Carlo: these gems are a husband and wife photography team, based in London. They specialise in photographing women, boudoir style, and let me be the one to tell you that they are simply wonderful. And I truly hope to one day be photographed by this power duo again.

That's right, I was lucky enough to be photographed by them. It was all part of the #ITalkSex campaign which the Scarlet Ladies launched in August this year. I talk in detail about the #ITalkSex campaign here and here - but in short, it's a campaign which aims to normalise the talk around female sexuality. Because, simply and beautifully put, "Female sexuality is not a dirty secret. It’s a part of who we are".

Photographs by the fabulous Faby & Carlo 

During the photo shoot, Faby & Carlo went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and calm. I had no idea what to expect, as I'd not done a photo shoot like this before. Needless to say, I was quite nervous; excited but also nervous as fuck. And it's truly daunting how much having cameras pointed at you can make you feel self-conscious.

However, that eventually changed during the photo shoot, as Faby & Carlo were so patient and welcoming, that soon all that insecurity just drifted away. Before the actual photo taking began, the duo first talked to me, to put me at ease - how nice is that?! I was not expecting for the photographers to be so understanding and kind, these two really set the bar high. I thought I'd be expected to feel great from the get-go and possibly even rushed, but this was far from my reality with Faby & Carlo.

They started off by talking to me about the things I enjoy.

"What's your favourite thing?" Faby asked
"Deep conversations" I replied. 

And so they talked to me about life, growing up, sex (obvs!), where I'm from, where they're from (they're from Italy, by the way, sexy much?!) It all turned out to be these wonderful moments of having deep conversations whilst they photographed me. It worked wonders, as at times I genuinely forgot that I was being photographed and the results are fucking marvellous; I look natural, happy and I'm owning my body. Most importantly, I look like me, and I'm forever grateful for that. As it turns out, the real me is a beautiful woman, you guys. You be the judge...

You've gotta agree with me that the photography skills here are on point - AMIRITE?! They also encouraged me and smiled at me as if to say "Yeah lady, you got this!" Which really got me thinking "Yeahhhh, I'm a natural model! I got this!"

I feel like they really made an effort to get to know me and make me feel at ease and special. With make up and hair done, and a gorgeous dress which was really ME me - which by the way, Faby picked out as she thought it was the most ME dress available! I just felt so glamorous and sexy and beautiful.

I was blown away by the whole experience, and since doing this shoot I've felt comfortable enough to do others - to me that says a lot about how beautiful and confident Faby & Carlo made me feel during my first experience like this. This experience also shifted something within me; I used to dislike being photographed and I hated photos of myself, now I'm all for it - now, the more photos of me, the merrier! And I genuinely believe that this has to do with the judgement free, comfortable and safe space that Faby & Carlo create, but also the photos were absolutely stunning and they've helped me see myself in a different way; I look good, I look damn fine and I'm going to embrace this woman. 

I highly recommend doing a boudoir style photo shoot with Faby & Carlo, if you can. I see myself in a whole new positive badass light now, and these gems have definitely contributed to that feeling. 

Thanks for the magical experience, Faby & Carlo. You rock.

NOTE: All photographs are by Faby & Carlo 

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