Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin & Satisfyer Pro Deluxe - Next Generation


"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Phwoar" is what I was left whispering after playing with these sex toys.


Ok, so I have just tested the Satisfyer Pro Penguin (Next Generation) and the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe (Next Generation) and these toys are now by far, BY FAR, my favourite toys of all time (And I've tried many!) They are AHMAZING and I feel so lucky to have discovered these beauties.


I love the packaging!

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin (Next Generation) refined
design gives it a top spot in my luxury pleasure collection 

Mugshot of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin (Next Generation)

Back of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin (Next Generation)


Again, just look at that packaging!

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe (Next Generation) has an elegant oval design 

Front of Satisfyer Pro Deluxe (Next Generation)

Back of Satisfyer Pro Deluxe (Next Generation)


I genuinely feel like every woman should have these by their side. I've only tried the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, and I would recommend trying the whole Satisfyer Next Generation range (Something I will eventually be doing!) and seeing what fits better for you. This is the range...Isn't it beautiful?!

However, if I had to pick a favourite from what I have tried, it is definitely the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. I love how it looks, it fits perfectly for me and it gives me this very intense, prolongued and incredible orgasm which left me feeling quite light headed - in a good way. I've never experienced an orgasm like this and truly feel like I've discovered Narnia; this whole new beautiful world.

I am someone who doesn't prefer instant orgasms; I enjoy the lead up to an orgasm and don't particularly like when it's all over within seconds. And I have found that with most of my sex toys I get this instant orgasm that leaves me wanting more; it feels like I'm missing something, and nobody wants that feeling after an orgasm - AMIRITE ladies?!

This is where, for me, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and the Pro Deluxe have completely taken away that issue for me; I can't believe that I've found something which gives me that lovely lead up to an orgasm - something I love - and also gives me intense, prolonged and incredible orgasms which leave me feeling completely satisfied (No pun intended).


I love love LOVE that these sex toys do not look like the many veiny sex toys out there; it's great if that veiny realistic look is your thing, but it's definitely not mine. So before even testing the toys, I was already well impressed and pleased with how they look.

Both toys use pressure waves to stimulate and the easy controls allow you to enjoy 11 different programs for varied play. These waves are deep and intense and stimulate without the need for touch, making solo pleasure and partner play even more satisfying.

One of my favourite things about both though, is that there is a SUCKING sensation. Although I definitely felt more of a sucking sensation with the Pro Penguin, which Sweet Christ is amazing; it genuinely had my lips quivering!

How awesome is this?!

So, as you place the toy on your clit, gently move the toy's head so that your clitoris is situated comfortably inside the hollow. You will feel a sucking sensation when this happens, and it's a gift! I also enjoyed gently moving the toy up and down around my clit, like a massager. Oh and I recommend using lubricant, just adds to the beautiful  ride that is the Satisfyer Pros.

Both toys are also both quiet and discreet, they have what is known as "whisper mode", and from what I hear the original Pro Penguin could get quite loud, so this is definitely a huge improvement, as the vibration noise with this one is very low and quiet. Same goes for the Pro Deluxe.

They are also made with body-friendly silicone, and they are waterproof! So, HELLO to bath and shower wet orgasms, Goodbye annoying shower heads! Another plus, is that they're also extremely easy to clean, and you can remove the nozzle and use a sex toy wipe and wipe away. Done!

I did find it a little tricky to turn on; this goes for both toys, but I think that is just me; once you find the right button and hold for 2 seconds - you're sorted. I struggled to find the button as I was too keen to try it and so put off reading the instruction at first! But, once you have read the instructions, it's so easy and simple to use.

Both of these toys also came in lovely elegant packaging. I usually feel a need to run away and hide my sex toys when they arrive, but I definitely didn't feel the need to run and hide with these toys.


I have read lots about these toys giving women instant orgasms, but I actually had a different experience - which is great for me, as I'm not a fan of instant orgasms; so I definitely say this as a compliment!

However, I did find that I reached orgasm faster with the Pro Deluxe, and this definitely adds to why the Pro Penguin is my FAVOURITE favourite. However, it really depends on your personal preference as they are both amazing but you may prefer the Pro Deluxe or vice versa; like myself.

Another difference is how they look and how easy they are to hold; personally I found the Pro Penguin a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the Pro Deluxe. Plus, the Pro Deluxe didn't sit as well in my hand as the Pro Penguin did. However, I can see how some people can find the Pro Deluxe easier to hold, but I personally found the Pro Penguin a much more comfortable experience.

They are both very comfortable to hold and it's easy to place on my clitoris and change vibration intensity. But I feel like the Pro Penguin allows for more movement and alternate positioning, too. I think it is suitable for a range of positions, and can be used with an internal toy too. Lots of fun to be had with these!


We're all different and what I've said in this post is my experience, but ladies, I really highly recommend these beauties. I have already messaged friends to tell them all about it and added that "Ladies, I have your next birthday presents sorted!"

I am actually considering cancelling tonight's plans to spend it with my Satisfyer Pro Penguin; Sex and the City's Charlotte comes to mind - Y'know when she cancels all her plans to spend time with her Rabbit. This is what I'm talking about - Cue "The Rabbit Intervention" scene.

My first time using these toys was on a day where I decided I was going to treat myself; I got into my lovely, new, clean pyjamas and decided that spending the day writing in my PJs was my treat for that day. However, after playing with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin and the Pro Deluxe - yes, in that order - I changed my mind completely about what my treat was going to be that day. This is a wonderful gift to women, and I say we all embrace it.

So, do I think you should go out and invest in these beauties? YES. YES YES YES. I have many sex toys and have always been happy and willing to try new ones, but these are now by far my favourites and I wish I could go back in time and just get these for myself rather than all of the other attempts that failed. These are guaranteed heavenly orgasms for me, so why not give it a try ladies? Could do the same for you!


These beauties need charging. Which is a Pro and a Con:

Con because it means that you have to wait for it to charge! But if you do this in advance; before you're ready to actually use the toys, then it's brilliant. I simply left mine to charge overnight and they were ready for me the following day!

And this is also Pro as the toys come with a magnetic USB charging cable (they each have their own, it comes with them in their individual boxes) meaning that they are wireless, and there is no need to purchase & faff around with batteries!

They're extremely easy to charge - again, read the (short) instructions beforehand - but you just need to make sure that both of the cable's two magnetic contacts dock onto the metal contact points of the toy.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe charging points

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin charging points

You'll see what I mean when you get the toys ;o)

To conclude, these Satisfyer toys are amazing and you should so go for it! If you want to learn more about the Satisfyer range - click HERE.

The whole Satisfyer range is available from , ,

Enjoy xoxo


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